6 Mistakes Often Made When Sports

6 Mistakes Often Made When Sports - Sports has now become part of the lifestyle. This physical activity can prevent you from various diseases. However, without enough knowledge, you can also make mistakes when exercising. Sports can be ineffective and even risk causing injury.

Pay attention to this before exercising

As recommended by the World Health Organization or WHO, exercise should be a routine and become a healthy lifestyle. Now, so that exercise runs smoothly and the optimal benefits can be felt by the body, avoid making the following mistakes:

1. No heating

Warming up is one of the mandatory menus before exercising. Warming up is usually done by jogging and stretching muscles (stretching).

It aims to increase body temperature, increase pulse rate, blood intake, and prepare muscles to be ready for use when exercising.

Many consider lightening up before sports and not doing it. In fact, if the body is not ready to do strenuous activities such as sports, the risk of injury to muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

2. Intake before exercise

One of the goals of exercise is to lose or maintain ideal body weight.

To make it happen, many choose to exercise in the morning. Unfortunately it was done on an empty stomach. In fact, exercise requires a lot of energy.

Therefore, before exercise, you are advised to eat to have a source of energy. The portions don't need much and give a pause of about 30 minutes.

Eating too many portions before exercise, especially in breaks that are too short, will make you experience abdominal pain, nausea, and fatigue.

3. Excessive exercise

Even though your intentions are noble, if done excessively, exercise will only cause injury. So it's important to know your body's abilities and limitations in exercising.

Stop when you have reached the limit that your body can bear. For example, don't lift weights that are too heavy or force you to keep running if you're not used to them. Do the exercises gradually to avoid injury.

4. Incorrect technique

The wrong technique in sports, can increase the risk of injury. Look for information on how the right technique in doing certain sports. In addition, variations in movements and techniques are also important in doing any type of exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

5. Does not cool

As important as warming up, cooling is also important to do after you have finished exercising. Do the same thing with cooling, namely jogging and stretching.

Cooling aims to restore heart function, body temperature, and muscle size to normal levels for optimal recovery.

6. Lack of rest

Get enough rest, because the body needs time to recover after strenuous activities such as sports.

The recommended exercise is a minimum of 30 minutes 3-5 times a week or counted 150 minutes a week. Get enough sleep afterwards.

The most common injuries caused by the mistakes above are injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, joints, and even bones. If there is an injury, do not force it to keep exercising.

If an injury has occurred, immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment. Don't let the injury drag on or force yourself to continue exercising before the injury heals, so that your condition doesn't worsen.

Remember, mistakes when exercising as above can increase the risk of injury. Therefore, prepare yourself carefully, both before and after exercising, so that your exercise goals can be realized.

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