Easy Ways to Collect Traveling Funds Quickly

Easy Ways to Collect Traveling Funds Quickly - Traveling has become a necessity for many people, especially young people who are always active and enjoy traveling. You can also increasingly display photos to upload status to social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or share video content on your YouTube channel.

Your vacation or traveling is perfect. With a walk, you have new experiences, even add friends or relationships. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. But adjust to your needs and financial conditions. Why impose a luxury vacation, if you use debt. Instead of being calm, even the shadow of paying installments.

Before deciding to travel to a tourist destination, both at home and abroad, it is better planned carefully. So you can prepare everything, including the budget or the funds. It's mostly done by saving.

Here are the steps or ways to be able to get or collect funds traveling quickly, in addition to debt:

1. Arrange a travel budget and start saving 

The first step that you must do is arrange your travel budget appropriately. Start by choosing a destination or tourist destination first. Which region or country do you want to visit. That way, you can more easily compile the required expenditure details. For example, airplane tickets (PP), accommodation, lodging, food costs, souvenir shopping, travel insurance, and other costs.

Detailed the amount of expenditure with the closest calculation, so you can provide a budget in that range. If necessary, prepare more funds than the calculation. Worried there was an unexpected cost overruns, such as the price of a plane ticket is expensive. So don't let go.

Keep in mind, in calculating the traveling budget details - you must also pay attention to your financial condition. Do not let the plan disrupt routine expenses normally, such as paying debt installments, renting a house, electricity, water, or other basic expenditure.

Determine the right amount, then calculate how much money you can save per month for this special budget, and how long it will take for all the money to be collected. For example, an estimated budget of traveling Rp. 10 million to go to South Korea.

If your salary is IDR 5 million a month, then you can set aside 10% of it. So per month, you save Rp. 500 thousand and will be collected entirely within 20 months (1 year 8 months). That's if you have the obligation to pay the debt repayments.

If you do not have a debt dependent, set it aside can be more than that, for example to Rp1 million. Pretty enough to reduce the time to just 10 months. Oh yes, if you can save in a special account, so that it will not be tampered with.

2. Get additional income

Want more quickly, try looking for additional income. For example freelancers become freelance writers, tutoring, online motorcycle taxis, online sales, wedding event photographers or part time work on weekends. Make sure, this side job does not interfere with your main job.

You can allocate all the money from freelance or part time work to traveling savings. Can be more quickly fulfilled deh holiday funds. For example, an additional IDR 1 million can be obtained, meaning that the savings will increase to IDR 2 million, so that in just 5 months, traveling funds will be available.

3. Make savings

Another sacrifice to collect funds traveling quickly, not only rely on the main salary and additional income. His name is life, sometimes there are sudden or urgent expenses, for example sick parents.

You can outsmart it so you can still save, by saving your expenses. Shopping is not important and can still be postponed, cut. Reduce hanging out or hanging out, eating snacks or watching movies in theaters.

It can also take advantage of promos, discounts, cashback, or other when shopping monthly or eating. The more you can save, the faster traveling funds will be collected.

4. Selling used items

One more way to speed up the collection of traveling funds, just sell your used goods. Sort out clothes or items that are not used and are still in good condition at home, sell through bazaars or online stores, or social media.

Not only is your house or room more relieved because your unused items are removed, but you can also get additional money from the sale. If everything sells, it's really quite a flow of funds that can go into a traveling account.

Must Be Consistent and Discipline

Saving is hard work for people who are unable to be disciplined and consistent. But for people who already have a strong commitment to achieve their desires, it is very easy. Moreover, this is for traveling. If you remember going on vacation, there will definitely be a spirit of working to collect funds, even if you have to work hard first. Have fun later.

Now remember your goal, save for traveling. So it must be consistent to set aside funds. Do not be perforated, a month of saving, not a month. There is money that can travel more and more gathering.

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