How to Clean Stains or Dirt on a Car Seat

How to Clean Stains or Dirt on a Car Seat - Having a four-wheeled vehicle, of course you will be faced with the obligation to, not only maintain the engine and body, but also the interior of your beloved car. Certainly not a pleasant thing if the interior of the car is dirty, so instead it bothers you and the passengers while driving?

Well, one of the interior of a car that is prone to stains and dirt that requires special attention is the seat. As a body support when in the car, the seat must always be in a clean condition so that it feels comfortable when occupied.

But don't worry because there are actually easy and inexpensive ways that can be done to make the car seat look clean all the time. How to clean the seat is of course also adapted to the material from the car seat itself because each material needs different maintenance. Then, how to effectively clean the stains and dirt on the car seat? Check out the following information:

Cleaning Car Upholstery Fabrics

You are the car seat made of fabric, then the steps you have to do is first, prepare the cleaning tools & ingredients first. The cleaning tool & material itself consists of:

  • vacuum cleaner,
  • liquid detergent,
  • bucket,
  • towel,
  • sponge foam.

The process of cleaning the seat begins. First of all, clean the dust and dirt on the seat by using a vacuum cleaner. Then, fill the bucket with warm water then pour the liquid detergent into it. After that, soak the sponge in a bucket and rub gently into the car seat.

In rubbing the seat using this sponge, try to make the seat not too wet and avoid using large-sized seats. This is so the seats dry faster. Finished rubbing the car seat clean, wipe using a towel that has been moistened first. This last step is done to remove residue from liquid detergents.

Cleaning Car Seat Made from Weaving

The second way is specifically for car seats made of woven materials. Instead of taking the vehicle to a car salon or buying a special cleaning fluid that is quite a reasonable price, you can make it yourself. Here's how to complete it:

  • First, mix the water with dishwashing liquid into a bucket. Then, put it into a used spray bottle that is not used.
  • After that, spray the liquid into the car seat with a radius of 15-20 cm from the seat, and rub the surface of the seat using a soft bristle brush.
  • Then, rinse the stained seat with a clean cloth soaked in warm water. For maximum results, do this rinse as often as possible. To dry the seat, you can use fibrous cloth.

The next alternative method is to grate six tablespoons of bar soap and then mix it with two borax spoons. Mix well and add two cups of warm water together. You can also add a kind of lavender fragrance to the mixture of ingredients so that later the seat has a fragrant aroma.

After it cools, stir the liquid until it is foamy and rub the foam over the entire seat. After that, brush with a soft bristle brush. Rinse using a clean cloth and warm water. Make sure each one by one part is free of stains and dirt before moving to the other seat.

Cleaning Leather Car Seat

Compared to the two previous upholstery materials, leather car seats require extra attention to keep it looking clean. What are the steps to clean car seats made of leather?

  • First, clean the seat using a vacuum cleaner.
  • After that, clean the seat with special liquid detergent soap,
  • use a clean & soft cloth to wipe every part of the seat.
  • Then, rinse the seat to remove the detergent residue. Finally, wipe the conditioner on the car seat so that the material is always maintained and not easily damaged.

Caring for Car Seats Doesn't Have to Be Expensive and Complicated

As mentioned earlier, our vehicles are true valuables that must be treated as well as possible. However, we often mess around with the maintenance costs of vehicles that drain the bag, including for seat maintenance. This article may be a sedative for those of you who want to continue to care for your favorite car seat, but with a minimum budget. Good luck!

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