Important Types of Insurance to Have

Important Types of Insurance to Have - Because life, can not be separated from the name of risk. So, it is necessary to anticipate if something undesirable happens, to be ready to face it. Insurance products are self-protection solutions to various risks.

It should be understood that the characteristics of insurance is protection for risks that we cannot face alone. For example, health costs and loss of income due to death or permanent disability. But there are also risks that can still be faced with the preparation of emergency funds, so it is not suitable for protection with insurance.

But sometimes people are still confused and confused, which insurance product is right for them. Some conditions, even often reversed in providing protection. For example, insurance for outpatients is taken, but insurance for critical illnesses that require expensive costs is actually abandoned.

In fact, if you are sick and have to be treated outpatient, the required costs are still enough to cover with emergency savings funds. Of course this is different when dealing with critical illnesses, the cost of treatment may seem unlimited.

So that you avoid the wrong protection or confused choosing insurance products, the following insurance is important to have, among others:

1. Health Insurance

Unpredictable health costs and a practical but unhealthy lifestyle, make health insurance important for families and become the first priority. Current health insurance products also vary, which can be adjusted to your budget.

Even though they have received protection from the Health BPJS, often the need for health protection is still felt to be lacking. Family health insurance is the best way to take care of the health of family members who may need treatment.

Family health insurance provides protection for the whole family that allows you to be comfortable and easy in planning family finances. Why is family insurance important?

Protecting the family is a priority for all parents. And private health insurance can provide peace of mind with the guarantee services it provides.

Taking a family health insurance product does not need to be expensive, but can choose the scope of protection needed. Several plans can be chosen, whether they only cover treatment while you are in the hospital or road protection.

Health insurance is an important part of your health plan. This protection will contribute to the ease of planning a budget allocation for your family's routine care costs.

2. Accident Insurance

Accidents are the biggest risk, the financial consequences. Accidents can occur during working conditions or traffic accidents. Try to pay attention to your working conditions and daily activities, whether including the risk of accidents or not.

It is said to be risk-prone when you work in a position related to dangerous work tools such as production machinery or many daily activities outside the room with high mobility.

Because risks on the road and at work, cannot be predicted. Therefore, overall protection against these risks is important to avoid. Personal accident insurance premiums are also relatively inexpensive, with premiums of hundreds of thousands but reimbursement of all costs including compensation for permanent disability and death can be up to Rp. 80 million.

3. Travel Insurance

If you and your family belong to a group of people with high mobility, often out of town or even abroad, aka travel insurance products are a top priority.

In order to keep your vacation and business trips comfortable and safe, you and your family should buy travel insurance. In recent years, travel insurance has become one of the most popular insurance products, because the price is very cheap.

Travel insurance can be taken per trip period or directly one year. If the frequency of your departure is relatively frequent, for example abroad 4-5 times a year, it is better to take an annual travel insurance package. Conversely, if you rarely travel, you should take only per travel period, because this will save your travel insurance premiums.

4. Car Insurance

The car has become a necessity of life that needs to be taken into account today. Evidenced by the rampant construction of toll roads, which shows that the growth of four-wheeled vehicles is growing rapidly.

The main benefit of car insurance is the financial peace of mind due to the risk of accidents or theft and so on. Specific benefits to be had from car insurance vary, based on the coverage obtained.

Common examples include legal protection for third-party lawsuits, and all the slightest risks to the car if you take all-risk insurance products (full protection).

By having car insurance, can maintain an expensive selling price position. Proper maintenance of the car will also help maintain its value. Losing valuable assets such as cars due to not having insurance is an act of savings that is not wise.

5. Old Age Insurance

Make no mistake, this old age insurance should also be calculated and prepared properly. At the age that is no longer productive, the only thing that can be relied upon is old age savings, to remain independent and not to bother other family members.

Normally, entering retirement age is 55 years - 60 years. After entering retirement age, what is needed is to enjoy life with the funds that have been obtained while working. But unfortunately, not a few people actually too late or do not realize the preparation for retirement with a variety of reasons.

Prepare Insurance and Plan Finances for a Better Life

One important and fundamental knowledge in a family is to make good financial planning. Savings, investments and insurance are important points to be included in long-term financial planning.

In a family, insurance products above are at least important to follow, but of course tailored to your needs and abilities. Enjoy life well and live old age without obstacles will make it more safe and comfortable, right?

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